Findings at the atlanto-odontoid joint in 10 untreated patients with Laron syndrom

Patient No.Imaging StudiesOs OdontoideumMyelomalaciaDegenerative ChangesCompression of SAS
    1MR, LC, OM++
    2MR, LC, OM, F/E+++
    3MR, CT, LC, OM, F/E+++
    4LC, OM, F/E+NANA
    5MR, CT, LC, OM++
    6MR, LC, OM
    7MR, CT, LC++
    8MR, LC++
    9MR, CT++
    10MR, LC, OM++
  • Note.—CT indicates CT at C1-C2; F/E, flexion and extension radiographs of cervical spine; LC, lateral radiograph of cervical spine; OM, open mouth dens view; +, present; −, absent; NA, not available; SAS, subarachnoid space.