Overview of clinical and diagnostic features and therapy in the 10 patients with cerebral micro-AVMs

Patient No./Age (y)/SexNeurologic PresentationHematoma Location and SizeNidusFeeder VesselDrainageTherapyClinical Follow-Up Findings
1/43/FProdrome (1 mo), headache, vomiting, R hemianopsiaL occipitoparietal lobe, subarachnoid hemorrhage, 21.98 cm3CorticalL parieto-occipital branch of PCADeepSurgery (endovascular therapy failed)R inferior quadrantanopia, 12 mo
2/31/MProdrome (1 wk), transitory aphasia, seizureL temporoparietal lobe, 6.18 cm3CorticalL angular branch of MCASuperficialEndovascular, 2 sessionsOccasional word-finding difficulties, 24 mo
3/60/FR paresthesias, R arm hypesthesia and paresisL parietal lobe, 4.13 cm3CorticalR superior parietal branch of CASuperficial ectasiaEndovascularClumsiness of R upper extremity, 24 mo
4/41/MHeadache, R hemiparesisL frontal lobe, 8.15 cm3CorticalL paracentral branch of CASuperficial stenosisEndovascularR limp, 24 mo
5/57/MComa (GCS 4), L hemiparesisR temporoparietal lobes, 35.15 cm3CorticalR temporal branch of MCADeepSurgeryL hand plegia, walking with brace, 4 y
6/48/FComa (GCS 12), hemorrhagic ictus (possibly 13 y previously)R temporal lobe, intraventricular, 3.0 cm3DeepR posterior temporal branch of PCADeepEndovascular (surgery failed)Mild cognitive impairment, 24 mo
7/43/MVisual disturbances, seizureR temporal lobe, 9.18 cm3CorticalR middle temporal branch of MCASuperficial ectasiaSurgerySeizures >30 d postoperatively, 24 mo
8/65/FComa (GCS 8)Inferior cerebellar vermis, 15.18 cm3CorticalR PICA and 2 aneurysmsSuperficialEndovascularNone, 24 mo
9/38/MDizziness, headache, vomitingR cerebellar tonsil, 3.18 cm3CorticalR PICASuperficialSurgeryNone, 24 mo
10/50/FR hemiplegia, seizure, hemorrhagic ictus (possibly 8 y before)L frontoparietal lobe, 10.5 cm3CorticalL ascending parietal branch of MCASuperficialSurgery (endovascular therapy failed)R hand weakness and numbness, 2 mo
  • Note.—GCS indicates Glasgow Coma Scale score; CA, callosomarginal artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery.