Patient information

Patient No./Age (y)/SexDiagnosisSymptomsTime VulnerableTime to ImagingBase BP, mmHgPresent BP, mmHgIncrease in BP, %Creatinine Level, mg/(mg/dL)BUN Level (mg/dL)CSA Level (ng/dL)Tacrolimus Level (ng/dL)
1/90/MHTN encephalopathy due to renal artery stenosisHeadache, confusion<12 h23 h120/66231/116841.216
2/59/FHTN encephalopathy (idiopathic)Seizure, hemiparesis2 mo9 d150/70240/100520.717
3/79/FHTN encephalopathy (idiopathic)Seizure, cortical blindness, hemiparesis7 d6 d108/48205/90891.18
4/42/FHTN encephalopathy, Crohn disease, anastomotic leak, sepsisSeizures36 h19 h105/40170/75730.620
5/59/FHTN encephalopathy, lupus nephritisHeadache, seizure3 wk28 d120/66240/1401063.332
6/67/MHTN encephalopathy, ARF, uremiaAltered MS, visual hallucinations25 d10 d110/62220/90717.464
7/63/FHTN encephalopathy, scleroderma, renal failureSeizures, hemiparesis24–48 h3 d140/60200/106586.242
8/9/MCSA neurotoxicity, LTx for idiopathic failureHemiparesis, altered MS>5 mo5 mo120/70140/7080.79752
9/10/MCSA neurotoxicity, BMT for AMLVisual changes48 h4 h112/72170/100450.518182
10/4/MCSA neurotoxicity, LTx for biliary atresiaSeizures12 d22 h99/59160/110750.622416
11/30/MCSA neurotoxicity, BMT for T-cell lymphoma, CPICortical blind, altered MS60 h3 d106/68136/88292.0801467
12/59/FCSA neurotoxicity, BMT for ALL, sepsisAltered MS24 d21 d60/45200/801409.196427
13/47/FTacrolimus neurotoxicity, LTx for hepatitis CSeizures3 mo2 d100/50150/95701.04227.5
14/59/MTacrolimus neurotoxicity, living-donor LTx for cholangiocarcinomaCortical blindness, altered MS4 mo2 d140/90150/10091.0335.9
15/51/MTacrolimus neurotoxicity, uremia, LKTx (oxaluria), sepsisAltered MS, unresponsive10 d8 d80/40205/1041582.710011.3
16/53/FUremia, peritoneal liposarcomatosis, sepsisSeizures, altered MS12 d2 d75/44185/1101483.8103
17/25/MUremia, acute pancreatitis, ARF on CRISeizures36 h3 d110/55163/120833.675
18/32/FUremia, CRI (idiopathic)Seizure7 d21 hNA212/133NA5.2155
19/28/FUremia, HTN encephalopathy, Wegener nephropathySeizures24 h3 d157/100239/17263HD67
20/17/FEclampsiaSeizure, cortical blindness2 d3 d112/70220/135941.18
21/46/FEclampsiaSeizure36 h5 hNA150/70NA1.010
22/68/FHemolytic-uremic syndrome, ARFSeizure, altered MS16 d13 d80/40215/901476.181
  • Note.—ALL indicates acute lymphocytic leukemia; AML, acute myelogenous leukemia; ARF, acute renal failure; BMT, bone marrow transplant; CRI, chronic renal insufficiency; CSA, cyclosporin (normal levels, 100–300); HD, hemodialysis; HTN, hypertension; LKTx, liver-kidney transplantation; LTx, liver transplantation; MS, mental status not available; percentage increase in BP was computed as follows: [(MAP at presentation − MAP at baseline)/MAP at baseline] × 100%, where MAP = [systolic BP + 2(diastolic BP)]/3. Normal BUN levels, 8–24 ng/mL; and Normal tacrolimus levels, 3–20 ng/mL.