Population and experimental data

VariablePatient 1Patient 2Patient 3Controls (n=5)
LesionRight ICA occlusionLeft ICA occlusionLeft MCA 70% stenosisNone
Perfusion results
 Arterial spin labeling (%)−27−13−19R>L 3.3 +/− 2.5
 TCD acetazolamide challenge (L/R)100/24%3.7/4.5 ARI11/60%NA
Event-related experiment
 % BOLD change (L/R)1.2/0.79*0.89/0.731.22/1.62*1.12/1.26
 Time to peak (L/R in sec)8.1/11*13/8.5*7.9/7.37.5/7.5
 Extent (L>R or R>L)L≫RR≫LR>LSame
Block experiment
 % BOLD change (L/R)2.3/1.53*0.93/1.11.35/3.3*2.35/2.17
 Extent (L>R or R>L)SameSameR>LSame
  • Note.—ICA indicates internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; TCD, transcranial Doppler US; ARI, autoregulatory index; NA, not available; L, left; R, right.

    TCD and arterial spin labeling perfusion results for the patients are relative to baseline and normal hemisphere, respectively; for control subjects, arterial spin labeling results are referenced to the right hemisphere. The BOLD signal change and time to peak were measured for the average hemodynamic response. The extent of the functional maps was determined qualitatively.

  • * Statistical significance of P < .01.