1H-MRS and diffusion-weighted imaging findings in 14 patients with brain abscess or tumor

Case No.Age (y)/SexDiagnosisMetabolites DetectedSignal Intensity on Diffusion-Weighted Image
150/MBrain abscessAce(+++), Ala(++), AA(+++), Lac(+++)Markedly high
244/MBrain abscessAce(+++), Succ(++), Ala(++), AA(++), Lac(++), NAA(+), Cho(+), Cr/PCr(+)Markedly high
358/FBrain abscessAce(+++), Ala(++), AA(+), Lac(++)Markedly high
426/FBrain abscessAce(+++), Ala(++), AA(+), Lip(+), Lac(++)Markedly high
569/MBrain abscess*Markedly high
648/MBrain stem abscess**Markedly high
745/MBrain abscessLip(++), Lac(+)Markedly high
863/MGlioblastomaLac(+++)Markedly low
974/MGlioblastomaLac(++), NAA(+), Cho(+++), Cr/PCr(+)Markedly low
1058/FGlioblastomaLip(+), Lac(++)Slightly low
1161/MAnaplastic astrocytomaLac(+++), NAA(+), Cho(+++), Cr/PCr(+)Markedly low
1252/MMetastatic brain tumorLip(+), Lac(++)Markedly low
1355/FMetastatic brain tumorLip(+), Lac(++), NAA(+), Cho(+++), Cr/PCr(+)Markedly low
1467/MMetastatic brain tumorLac(+++)Markedly low
  • Note.—M indicates male; F, female; +, small peak; ++, moderate peak; +++, large peak; Ace, acetate; Ala, alanine; AA, amino acids; Lac, lactate; Succ, succinate; NAA, N-acetylaspartate; Cho, choline; Cr, creatine; PCr, phosphocreatine; Lip, lipids; *, unacceptable because of contamination from neighboring fat; **, unacceptable because of poor shimming conditions.