Fields Modified in the DICOM Header

SOP instance UID00080018
Study date00080020
Series date00080021
Image date00080023
Study time00080030
Accession number00080050
Institution name00080080
Study description00081030
Series description0008103e
Patient name00100010
Patient identification00100020
Patient birthdate00100030
Patient sex00100040
Patient age00101010
Patient weight00101030
Additional patient history001021b0
Study instance UID0020000d
Series instance UID0020000e
Series number00200011
Image number00200013
Image position patient00200032
Image orientation patient00200037
Frame of reference UID00200052
Images in acquisition00201002
Section location00201041
Section thickness00180050
Spacing between sections00180088
Repetition time00180080
Echo time00180081
Magnetic field strength00180087
Flip angle00181314
Patient position00185100
Photometric interpretation00280004
Pixel spacing00280030