Summary of 10 technical problems during GDC deployment

No.Sex/Age (y)AneurysmSizeH&HEvent(s)GDC*CatheterManagementClinical Consequence
1F/54BA80SB, IL6th and 7th coil/9, GDC-10, 2 × 6, 2 × 4, S, SR, SGRebar14Removal of the interlocked coils and the catheter as one unitUneventful
2F/53BA62SB2nd coil/6, GDC-10, 4 × 8, 2D, S, SR, SGExcelsiorReinsertion with subsequent coilUneventful
3F/48ACoA32SBlast coil/2, GDC-10, 3 × 6, 2D, S, SR, SGRebar14Reinsertion with subsequent coilUneventful
4F/61ICA100SD, SBlast coil/7, GDC-10, 3 × 6, 2D, S, SR, SGExcelsiorHeparinization, antiplatelet therapyUneventful
5M/42ACoA54SD, UDlast coil/7, GDC-10, 2 × 1, S, SR, SGRebar14Heparinization, antiplatelet therapyUneventful
6M/46ACoA22SDlast coil/2, GDC-10, 2 × 1, US, SR, SGExcel14Coil removal with snare, no further aneurysm treatmentUneventful
7F/52ICA240SD1st coil/1, GDC-18, 18 × 30, 2D, SGExcelsiorUrgent bypass surgery and subsequent endovascular occlusion of the arteryUneventful
8F/58BA164SD1st coil/16, GDC-10, 8 × 20, 3D, SGExcelsiorNo special managementUneventful
9F/66PICA32UDlast coil/3, GDC-10, 2 × 2, S, SR, SGRebar14Heparinization, antiplatelet therapyUneventful
10F/43ACoA34UDlast coil/2, GDC-10, 3 × 6, S, SR, SGRebar14Antiplatelet therapyUneventful
  • Note.—H&H indicates Hunt and Hess grade of subarachnoid hemorrhage; size, the largest diameter of the aneurysm (mm); BA, basilar top aneurysm; SB, slipping-back of the coil; IL, coil interlocking; S, soft-GDC; SR, stretch-resistant-GDC; SG, synerG-GDC; 2D, 2-diameter GDC; 3D, 3D GDC; ACoA, anterior communicating artery aneurysm; ICA, carotid artery aneurysm; SD, spontaneous detachment; UD, undesirable detachment at the parent artery; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm.

  • * GDC coil(s) directly related to the event(s)/total number of GDCs inserted. Helical diameter (mm) × length (cm).