Results of conservative treatment of central retinal artery occlusion

AuthorsNo. of PatientsMedical TreatmentFinal Results
Karjalainen, 1971 (19) (Patients with arteritis were included)91No comment58%blind, 21%good or reduced visual acuity
Neubauer et al., 2000 (20)65Acetazolamide, acetylsalicylic acid, massage of the globe, Pentoxifyllin, beta-blocker, paracentesis15%showed distinct improvement (at least three visual acuity gradations)
Schmidt et al., 1992 (18) (Control group of conservative treatment in comparison with small number of patients with LIF treatment)41Ocular massage, Pentoxifyllin, and anterior chamber paracentesisVirtually no visual improvement; visual acuity improved to 20/50 in only one patient
Atebara et al., 1995 (8)40Paracentesis and Carbogen treatmentNine (22.5%) patients, visual improvement
Augsburger and Magargal, 1980 (21)34Paracentesis, ocular massage, inhalational therapy (95%oxygen and 5%carbon dioxide), acetazolamide, and aspirinHelpful in 12 (35%) patients (visual acuity ≥20/100)
Duker et al., 1991 (9)33Carbogen (95%oxygen and 5%carbon dioxide), ocular massage, anterior chamber paracentesis, topical timolol maleate, acetazolamide29 patients, low vision (ie, counting fingers or hand movements); one patient, vision deteriorated from 20/40 to hand motions; two patients, final visual acuity of 20/40; one patient, 20/50; one patient, 20/20
Wolf et al., 1989 (10)20Hypervolemic or isovolemic hemodilution10 patients, central vision improved
Magargal and Goldberg, 1977 (22)20ParacentesisFive patients, significant improvement; five patients, moderate improvement
Lorentzen 1969 (23)12No commentIn no case was there any improvement, rather deterioration
(10-year follow-up)
Rumelt et al., 1999 (14)11Ocular massage, sublingual isosorbide dinitrate, acetazolamide, mannitol or glycerol, paracentesis, methylprednisolone, streptokinase, and retrobulbar tolazolineEight patients, improvement
Gombos, 1970 (24)7Dextran (Rheomacrodex) with papaverine hydrochlorideTwo patients, complete recovery; three patients, marked improvement
Perkins et al., 1987 (13)5Acetazolamide, inhalation of 5%carbon dioxide and 95%oxygen, aspirinThree patients, spontaneous improvement to 20/50 or better; two patients, 20/80 or better after treatment
Beiran et al., 1993 (11)4Hyperbaric oxygenation combined with ocular massage, nifedipine, and glycerolThree patients, treatment began <100 min, considerable improvement in vision; one patient, treatment began at 6 hr, no improvement