Statistical comparisons

ComparisonP Value from t TestMean Overlapping Volume, %*
Hand versus wrist<.001<.07<.00149% ± 14
Hand versus elbow<.001<.001<.00128% ± 16
Finger versus hand>.05>.05>.0586% ± 10
Finger versus wrist<.001<.001<.00134% ± 14
Finger versus elbow<.001<.001<.00114% ± 10
Wrist versus elbow<.001<.001<.00132% ± 14
  • Note.—Comparisons of the COGs and the percentage of overlapping volumes for the finger, hand, wrist, and elbow movements in contralateral M1. Data are from the single-subject analysis. Numbers of subjects were as follows: 24 for the hand, fingers, wrist, and elbow experiments and 22 for the tongue and foot experiments.

  • * Data are the mean ± SD.