Summary of clinical details for patients with neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

CaseSexGestation at DeliveryMode of DeliveryPlatelet Count(Cord Blood Sample)Normal = 150–400 × 109Early Clinical Features
1F41 /40SVD12 × 109Generalized petechiae, bruising
2F38 /40Elective LUSCS12 × 109Generalized petechiae, purpura
3F37 /40SVD13 × 109Generalized petechiae, bruising
4M38 /40Emergency LUSCS20 × 109Bruising, large head circumference, intraretinal hemorrhages, small optic discs
5M40 /40Forceps28 × 109Generalized petechiae
6F33 /40Elective LUSCS83 × 109 (Antenatal)Microcephaly, seizures
  • Note.—F indicates female; M, male; SVD, spontaneous vaginal delivery; LUSCS, lower uterine segment caesarian section.