Distribution of 433 focal filling defects within the dural sinuses on the 3D contrast-enhanced MPRAGE images of 90 cases (100 participants)

Defect LocationNo. of Defects% of Total
Superior sagittal sinus23353.8
 Anterior and superior portion22753.7
 Posterior portion60.2
Right transverse sinus4811.0
 Midlateral portion and transverse/sigmoid junction419.5
 Medial portion71.6
Left transverse sinus7417.1
 Midlateral portion and transverse/sigmoid junction7116.4
 Medial portion30.7
Straight sinus7617.6
 Junction point with vein of Galen296.7
 Inferior third portion4610.6
 Superior portion10.2
Vein of Galen20.5