Serious adverse events with neurologic morbidity

Patient Age (y)/SexSize and Location of AneurysmDescription of Event and Cause of EventCauseBaseline Rankin or H& HOutcome of Event and mRS at Last Follow-Up
Permanent morbidity
 39/MLarge carotid ophthalmicIpsilateral visual loss due to leak in ophthalmic arteryDevice0mRS = 1
 42/FGiant carotid cavernousWorsened CN III, IV, V, and VI palsy, resolution of CN v aplsyProcedure1mRS = 1
 76/FSmall posterior communicatingWorsening of neurologic status (Grade, 2 H&H)SAH2Lost to follow-up
 75/FGiant carotid cavernousMild hemiparesisDevice (Onyx)1mRS = 1
 44/MSmall carotid ophthalmicNumbness in L leg caused by senosis of M3 MCADevice (Onyx)0mRS = 1
 56/MGiant carotid ophthalmicOnyx extravasation into subarachnoid space, SAH, severe hemiplegiaDevice (Onyx)1Ongoing at 12 mnths, mRS = 4
 45/FLarge carotid ophthalmicBlindness in R eye post procedure with retinal infarctDevice (Onyx)0mRS = 1
 55/FLarge carotid ophthalmicDevloped delayed L MCA infarct 3 days afer retreatment with stent and Onyx caused aphasia and R hemiplegiaDevice (Stent)2Ongoing at 3 months, mRS = 4 Partial resolution by 1 year
Transient neurologic morbidity
 52/MLarge carotid ophthalmicDeveloped symptomatic vasospasm with L hemiparesis; recent SAHDiseaseGrade 2 H&HmRS = 0 Resolved
 47/FLarge superiorDeveloped transient hemiparesisDevice (also had stent placement)0mRS = 0 Resolved
 50/MLarge vertebro-basilar junctionDeveloped small SAH after catheter withdrawal; no neurologic deterioration; developed infected hematoma after 10 days retreatment procedure; required surgeryProcedure
 37/FSmall carotid cavernousDeveloped confusion and ipsilateral hemiparesis headaches and nausea 1 week after treatmentUnknown1mRS = 1 Resolved by 6 months
 57/FLarge carotid cavernousProcedural thrombus in left ICA; hemiparesis and aphasia; resolution of morbidityProcedure0mRS = 1 Resolved by 2 days
 31/FLarge carotid ophthalmicTransient hemiparesisProcedure0mRS = 0 Resolved
 45/FLarge carotid ophthalmicDeveloped worsened visual symptoms that subsequently improgedDevice0mRS = 1 Complete resolution and visual improvement
 68/FRecurrent basilar tipDeveloped proximal brain stem stroke post procedure, probably thrombo-embolic, needed prolonged hospitalisationProcedure1mRS = 2 Neurological symptoms fully resolved by 1 year