Demographic and clinical outcomes in patients with TCAs associated with TCCFs

Patient/Sex/Age, (y)Clinical Manifestations on Endovascular TreatmentInitial CT FindingsLocation and Size of the TCA of the ICATCA Detection Prior to TCCF OcclusionSteal of TCCFTrauma to Embolization, wkOutcomeFollow-Up, mo
1/M/49Chemosis, proptosis, diplopiaSubarachnoid hemorrhage, facial bone fractureSupraclinoid, 3 × 2 mmNoModerate8Occlusion of TCCF and TCA with ICA preservation25
2/M/40Chemosis, proptosis, decreased visual acuityBrain swelling, facial bone fractureSupraclinoid, 3 × 3 mmNoComplete15Occlusion of TCCF and TCA with ICA preservation24
3/M/29Chemosis, proptosis, decreased visual acuitySubarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhages, facial bone fractureSupraclinoid, 3 × 3 mmNoModerate3 and 5Subtotal occlusion of TCCF, fatal rupture of the TCA0.25
4/M/18Chemosis, proptosis, decreased visual acuity, bruitIntracerebral hemorrhageParaophthalmic, 5 × 4 mmYesOcclusion of the supraclinoid ICA13Occlusion of TCA and TCCF12