Spinal nerve sheath tumors presenting with intracranial subarachnoid hemorrhage

Case NoSeries (Reference)Tumor HistologySiteClinical Presentation
1Andre-Thomas et al 1930 (15)SchwannomaL2–L3Spinal
2Krayenbuhl 1947 (16)SchwannomaCauda equinaSpinal
3Krayenbuhl 1947 (16)SchwannomaT12Spinal
4Fincher 1951 (17)SchwannomaT12–L1Spinal
5Halpren et al 1958 (6)NeurofibromaL2Spinal
6Prieto and Cantu 1967 (18)NeurofibromaCauda equinaSpinal
7Fortuna and La Torre 1968 (19)SchwannomaCauda equinaSpinal
8Bernell et al 1973 (20)Malignant neurofibromaCauda equinaIntracranial
9Grollmuss 1976 (21)SchwannomaT8–T11Spinal
10Djindjian et al 1978 (10)SchwannomaL1Spinal
11Luxon and Harrison 1978 (22)SchwannomaCervicalIntracranial
12Muhtaroglu and Strenge 1981 (23)Schwannoma L1–L2Intracranial
13Motomochi et al 1981 (24)SchwannomaThoracicSpinal
14De Divitiis et al 1985 (8)SchwannomaCervicalIntracranial
15Chalif et al 1990 (14)SchwannomaC1–2Intracranial
16Bruni et al 1991 (9)NeurofibromaL1–L2, L2–L3, L3–L4Spinal
17Mills et al 1993 (25)SchwannomaC7–T1Spinal
18Bonicki et al 1993 (26)SchwannomaCauda equinaIntracranial
19Correiro et al 1996 (27)SchwannomaC6–T1Intracranial
20Cordon et al 1999 (13)SchwannomaL1–L2Spinal