Results in 26 patients with acute stroke

TerritoryVolume (mm3)Interval from Onset to Imaging (hours)Relative Change
R MCA8470.288−0.270.036
L MCA196940.281−0.449−0.069
L MCA12546.50.25−0.4380.206
R ACA/MCA104363.50.173−0.251−0.017
R MCA269450.152−0.3650.174
R MCA568280.139−0.5140.092
L ACA11913.50.133−0.3230.099
R MCA221730.107−0.1440.092
L MCA399260.086−0.4530.181
L PCA8464.50.079−0.3220.094
R MCA48311.30.057−0.1750.162
R MCA19560.056−0.2480.08
L MCA6043120.052−0.550.099
L MCA1025−0.001−0.3440.396
R ACA/MCA2339−0.038−0.170.103
R MCA45679−0.045−0.380.388
L ACA/MCA90463−0.054−0.2280.16
R MCA5857−0.066−0.1160.213
R MCA16993.5−0.068−0.2550.209
L MCA62406−0.081−0.3160.169
R MCA1523−0.09−0.3310.555
L MCA43512−0.116−0.30.32
L MCA38386−0.134−0.1870.12
R MCA88311−0.149−0.4230.449
R MCA45212−0.204−0.2260.697
L MCA71811−0.241−0.3070.341
  • Note.—FA, ADC, and T2 values were obtained from initial MR examinations and the relative values were used to express changes in FA, ADC and T2 signal. ACA indicates anterior cerebral artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery.