Summary of anatomic and clinical results

Patient/Age (y)/SexLocationSize (mm)Neck (mm)RupturedEmbolicsACT (seconds)AbciximabHunt-Hess GradeAngiographic Outcome
1/71/FAnterior communicating artery5 × 43YesGDC, Matrix327Intra-arterial 5 mgIVRecanalization, contrast-agent extravasation
2/48/ML pericallosal, L parietal arteriovenous malformation7 × 54NoGDC, glue270Intra-arterial 2 mgNARecanalization
3/56/FR middle cerebral artery bifurcation7 × 66YesGDC340Intra-arterial 5 mg, 17-mg intravenous bolusIIRecanalization
4/45/FR superior hypophyseal7 × 64NoDCS, Matrix231Intra-arterial 2 mg, 3-mg intravenous bolusNARecanalization
5/47/ML middle cerebral artery bifurcation8 × 75NoGDC, Microplex315Intra-arterial 5 mgNANo recanalization
6/48/FR posterior communicating artery7 × 73YesGDC256Intra-arterial 5 mgIPartial recanalization
7/50/FAnterior communicating artery5 × 43YesGDC257Intra-arterial 5 mgIRecanalization, contrast-agent extravasation
  • Note.—None of the patients had new neurologic deficits after the procedure. NA indicates not applicable.