Clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory results

Patient/Age (y)Neurologic Signs and SymptomsAbscess
LocationSize (cm)Organism
1/40Fever, headache, vision disturbance, homonymous hemianopia, mild ataxiaL occipital3.9 × 2.7Streptococcus intermedius
2/31Fever, L hand paresthesia/hypesthesia, L upper extremity weakness, seizures/grand mal seizuresR central/parietal region3.9 × 3.9Peptostreptococcus nigros
3/35Occipital headache vertigo, R incomplete facial palsy, dysdiadochokinesis, somnolence, R upper-extremity coordination disturbance, R hearing lossR cerebellar, R cerebellar2.8 × 2.0, 1.5 × 1.2Staphylococcus aureus
4/39Headache, L lower extremity weakness and hemiparesis, dysdiadochokinesisL temporal1.1 × 0.9Unknown
5/69Headache, seizures, disturbed consciousnessR cerebellar2.8 × 3.5Unknown
6/47Headache, somnolenceL central/L occipital3.0 × 2.8Nocardia species
7/43Headache, disturbed consciousnessL parietal4.0 × 3.5Unknown