Final diagnoses of 53 parotid lesions, patients undergoing surgery, needle sizes, passes, and volume of acquired tissue

Pathologic DiagnosisPatient Age (y)M:F RatioTotal CasesSurgical CasesNeedle GaugePassesTissue Volume (mm3)*
Benign neoplasm17–7222:11331514–181–418–128
    Pleomorphic adenoma17–548:7151116–182–436–128
    Warthin tumor34–7212:3151214–181–318–105
    Oncocytoma58, 621:12116264
Malignant neoplasm38–8110:313614–202–536–262
    Primary carcinoma40–814:04414–182–355–157
    Metastatic carcinoma40, 572:02016, 182, 355, 64
    Organized abscess, clear cell carcinoma§651:01116396
Nonneoplastic lesion31–703:47014–182–436–128
    Sclerosing sialoadenitis61, 700:220162, 364, 96
    Chronic inflammation55–691:23016, 182–436–128
    Postoperative fibrosis311:010142105
    Lymphoid hyperplasia341:01018355
  • * Approximate volume = 3.14 × radius × radius × length of specimen notch or throw × number of passes.

  • Of 53 cases, only one Warthin tumor was associated with hematoma.

  • Including adenoid cystic, lymphoepithelioma–like, mucoepidermoid, and squamous cell carcinomas (one each).

  • § Pathologic diagnoses were concordant between biopsy and surgery in all patients except this one. Clear cell carcinoma was found on surgicopathology.