Reported cases with prepontine ecchordosis physaliphora and intradural chordoma including MRI

Author and YearReported DiagnosisSymptomsSize (cm)Signal IntensityContrast Enhancement
Macdonald et al, 1990 (8)EcchordosisCSF fistula1.5*LowHighNA
Watanabe et al, 1994 (19)EcchordosisNoneNALowHighNo
Akimoto et al, 1996 (15)EcchordosisHeadacheNALowHighNo
Toda et al, 1998 (5)EcchordosisHeadache1.5LowHighNo
Rodriguez et al, 1999 (4)EcchordosisDizziness3LowHighNo
Cha et al, 2002 (6)EcchordosisHeadache, dizziness1.5LowHighNo
Mapstone et al, 1983 (16)Intradural chordomaCranial nerve V–VII palsy2.5*LowHighYes
Yuhi et al, 1986 (20)Intradural chordomaCranial nerve VII–X palsyNALowHighYes
Tashiro et al, 1994 (17)Intradural chordomaTetraparesis, cranial nerve V and VII–XII palsy3.5LowHighYes
Nishigaya et al, 1998 (12)Intradural chordomaAtaxia, dysarthria, nystagmus4LowHighYes
  • Note.—NA indicates not available.

  • * Estimated from pictures.