Summary of demographic data of patients with AVM, posttherapeutic follow-up period, and adverse effects

Case No./Age/SexClinical Manifestation of AVMTime Interval*LocationGradeType of Perfusion DisturbanceFollow-up (mo)/Result of Radiosurgery/Degree of RIE (duration in mo)
1/49/MH21 moRight PII117, 16, 25/SR/mild (16)
2/31/FH, S15 yLeft FPIV1, 21, 37, 13, 18, 25/NN/severe (12–24)
3/40/MProptosis3 moLeft FPII226, 12, 19, 24/NN/moderate (12–24)
4/33/MProptosis3 moLeft TIII1, 21, 27, 14/PR/mild (14)
5/35/MHeadache10 yRight POIII116, 12, 21/PR/none
6/20/FS2 moLeft FII116/PR/mild (6)
7/17/MH5 moLeft TIV11, 26, 12, 18/PR/mild (12–18)
8/29/FS2 moLeft FPIII1, 31, 35, 11, 18, 24/SR/moderate (11–24)
9/29/MS8 moLeft TIII226, 12/PR/mild (12)
10/46/MH, S3 moLeft PIII226, 13/PR/severe (13)
11/18/MS12 moRight FPIII116, 13, 19/SR/moderate (13)
12/36/MS3 moRight PIII226, 14/PR/moderate (14)
13/37/FS5 moLeft FII226, 14/SR/none
14/37/FS2 moLeft FTIII226, 16/PR/none
15/35/FHeadache10 yRight POV117, 13/PR/mild (13)
16/43/MS4 moRight POV3313/PR/moderate (13)
17/21/FHeadache3 moRight FPIII226, 11/PR/mild (11)
18/20/MS3 moLeft TIV226/PR/mild (6)
19/45/MH, S4 moLeft POIII227/PR/none
  • Note.—H indicates hemorrhage; S, seizures; P, parietal; T, temporal; F, frontal; O, occipital; RIE, radiation-induced edema; NN, no residual nidus seen on MR image; SR, small remnant of nidus with prominent draining veins; PR, partial regression (AVM becomes smaller than the initial size).

  • * Interval between presentation and treatment.

  • Spetzler-Martin AVM grading system (11).