Patient demographics, aneurysm location and size, clinical data, post-procedural clinical and angiographic follow-up

Patient No.Age (yr)SexAneurysm LocationSize (mm)Mass EffectTraumaControl AngiographyMass Effect Early Outcome*Mass Effect Late Outcome*
155MR cav33 × 286n Palsy+6 monthFull recoveryStable
222MR cav34 × 29Headache+1 yearImprovedFull recovery
348FR petrocav27 × 31Headache+NAImprovedNA
449ML cav15 × 206n and 3n PalsyNAFull recoveryNA
18ML cav16 × 24None+6 monthNANA
23ML cav39 × 332n Palsy+(β)2 yearFull recoveryStable
L cav6 × 6NANA
754MR cav20 × 17Headache6 monthImprovedFull recovery
43FR cav22 × 156n Palsy+6 monthNo changeFull recovery 6 months
932ML cav14 × 21None+(β)6 monthNANA
1025ML petrocav5 × 7None+(β)1 yearNANA
1135MR cav21 × 17Headache+1 yearImprovedFull recovery
12α34MR caroticooph37 × 25Total ophthalmoplegia+18 monthFull recoveryStable
13α59FL caroticooph14 × 17None (SAH)6 monthNANA
14α43ML cav27 × 20Total ophthalmoplegia+18 monthPartial recoveryFull recovery 6 months
1518ML petrocav12 × 14None+(β)6 monthNANA
1622MR petrocav9 × 6None+(β)6 monthNANA
17α34ML cav28 × 343n Palsy1 yearPartial recoveryFull recovery 6 months
1817FL cav18 × 146n Palsy+1 yearFull recoveryStable
1923ML cav16 × 11NoneNANANA
20α27FL caroticooph9 × 7None6 monthNANA
2129ML cav4 × 3None+(β)6 monthNANA
2236FL petrous24 × 28Headache+6 monthFull recoveryStable
2324FR caroticooph3 × 4None (SAH)1 yearNANA
2434FR cavernous22 × 273n Palsy+6 monthPartial recoveryFull recovery
  • Note.—α indicates patients in whom ophthalmic artery was covered with the stent graft; M, male; F, female; R, right; L, left; cav, cavernous internal carotid artery; petrocav, petrous and cavernous portion of the internal carotid artery; caroticooph, carotico-ophthalmic segment of the internal carotid artery; 6n, sixth nerve; 3n, third nerve; 2n, second nerve; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; β, patients who had nasal bleeding; NA, not applicable because the time interval since treatment was <6 months and no control angiography had yet been performed.

  • * Control Angiography, latest angiography performed; Mass Effect Early Outcome, evaluation of mass effect symptom at end of second week; Mass Effect Late Outcome, evaluation during clinical follow-up (during third month unless otherwise indicated).

  • Aneurysms were partially thrombosed.