Chronologic imaging findings with clinical correlations

TimeImaging ModalityImaging FindingsClinical Symptoms
1994.3.24CTThickened right tentorium: hypodense on unenhanced and with strong enhancementDecreased right vision
1995.5.6MR imagingRight tentorium thickening: hypointense on T1- and T2-weighted images and homogeneous contrast enhancement
1998.5.8MR imagingAdditional involvement of left tentorium, posterior falx, and right cavernous sinusRight blindness, decreased left vision
1998.6.30MR imagingRegressive change of tentorium, falx, and cavernous sinus
1999.1.11MR imagingRegressive involvement of tentorium but increased enhancement at right mastoidRight hearing loss
1999.2.8Temporal bone CTRight mastoid cholesteatoma with tegmen and dural plate erosion, left mastoiditis
1999.12.18MR imagingProgressive enhancement of left mastoidBilateral hearing loss
2001.4.21MR imagingNo significant interval change of tentorium or mastoid involvement
2001.7.31CTIll defined enhanced left temporal lobe mass with perifocal edemaDelirium, disorientation
2001.8.6Cerebral angiographyFaint stain at left temporal, no extra-axial tumor
2001.8.7MR imagingEnhanced left temporal dural mass with mass effect of temporal lobe, poor opacified straight sinus