Summary of clinical and imaging findings

CasePatient Age/SexSigns of Edema*Attenuation Value (HU)ProofDiagnosis at Death or Discharge§
15 y/MC, ENAAutopsy resultDiffuse cerebral edema secondary to hyponatremia
237 y/FC, E, GWNAAutopsy resultSudden cardiac death, anoxic injury
322 y/MC, ENANegative LP resultPseudo-tumor cerebri
422 y/FC, ENAAutopsy resultDKA with hypoxic and metabolic encephalopathy
58 mo/FE, GW29Negative LP resultDiffuse cerebral edema, SIDS
65 y/MC, E, GW33Negative LP resultCardiopulmonary failure secondary to unknown metabolic disorder (possibly Leigh disease)
76 y/MC, E, GW29Negative LP resultSeptic Shock
  • * C indicates compression and/or mass effect on the fourth ventricle; E, effacement of the basal cisterns and cortical sulci; GW, decreased gray matter–white matter differentiation.

  • Mean attenuation levels were obtained with a region of interest drawn in the basal cisterns. NA indicates not available.

  • LP indicates lumbar puncture.

  • § DKA indicates diabetic ketoacidosis; SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.