Demographic, clinical, and imaging features of SSPE cases

Patient/Age, y/SexVaccinationAge at Measles InfectionTime after DiagnosisStage at DiagnosisClinical and Neurologic FindingsMRI Findings
Stage II at MRS
 1/8/FNo7 mo1 yIIChoreoathetosis, myoclonus, difficulty speaking, tonic convulsion, mental deteriorationNormal
 2/8/MYesNA*6 moIIMyoclonus, ataxia, spasticity, tonic-clonic seizures, difficulty speakingNormal
 3/6/FYes12 mo9 moIIMyoclonus, ataxia, mental deterioration, walking with assistanceNormal
Stage III at MRS
 1/8/MYes11 mo4 yIINo speech, decerebrate rigidity, bedridden, no responsiveness to any stimulusCerebral, cerebellar, and brainstem atrophy, periventricular hyperintensities
 2/8/MNo6 mo3 yIINo speech, opisthotonos, decerebrate and decorticate rigidity, no responsiveness to any stimulus, bedriddenCerebral and cerebellar atrophy, periventricular hyperintensities
 3/7/FYes16 mo2 yIIDecerebrate rigidity, bedridden, no speechCerebral and cerebellar atrophy, periventricular hyperintensities
  • * Not applicable.