Review of Cases of Cerebral Amyloidomas

Author and Year*Patient (no.)/ Age (y)/SexClinical PresentationLocationNo. of LesionsCT FindingsMR Imaging FindingsAngiographic Findings
Saltykow, 1935 (5)1/UnknownPsychiatric disturbancesCortex, WMMNANANA
Harris and Rayport, 1979 (6)2/28/FFocal seizuresFrontal WMSHyperattenuating mass on nonenhanced scansNANA
Spaar et al, 1981 (7)3/46/FVisual loss, headache, depressionWMMHypoattenuating lesions, enhancement on contrast-enhanced scans, extension to the lateral ventricleNAVascular displacements
Townsend et al, 1982 (8)4/47/FCognitive declineFrontal/optic radiation, WMMHyperattenuating mass on nonenhanced scansNAAbsent venous filling in the affected region
Townsend et al, 1982 (8)5/50/MVisual field defectsOccipital WMSHyperattenuating mass with enhancement on contrast-enhanced scansNANA
Moreno et al, 1983 (9)6/48/MR hemianopsia, L-arm weaknessL occipital WMSRing-enhancing lesion, extension to the lateral ventricle, thickened ependymaNANormal
Hori et al, 1988 (10)7/60/MHeadache, seizure, dementiaL frontal, cerebellum, pons (WM)MNANANA
Cohen et al, 1992 (11)8/32/MHeadache, seizure, decreased cognitionBilateral centrum semiovale WM, 1 cortical lesionMHyperattenuating masses, contrast enhancement, extension to the lateral ventricleHypointense on T1WI, mixed intensity on T2WI, faint enhancementNA
Eriksson et al, 1993 (2)9/76/MSeizureR parietal WM, extension to lateral ventricle and choroid plexusSNANAMass effect on the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle
Schroder et al, 1995 (12)10/70/FAtaxia, L-leg weakness, cognitive declineR subcortical parieto-occipital, 2 smaller lesions in the ventricular wallMHyperattenuating, no edema, extension to the lateral ventricleNANormal
Lee et al, 1995 (3)11/61/FSeizures, decreased mentationL parietal periatrial WMSHyperattenuating, partially calcified, no edemaHyperintense on T1WI, mixed intensity on T2WI, marked enhancement, no edema, extension to the lateral ventricleNA
Caerts et al, 1997 (4)12/71/FR pyramidal syndromeL deep periventricular WMSHyperattenuating mass on nonenhanced scans, contrast enhancement, no edemaIsointense on T1WI, hyperintense on T2WI, strongly enhancing, extension to the lateral ventricleNA
Blatter et al, 2001 (22)13/26/FR-hand paresis, dysarthriaL parieto-occipital, smaller R-sided lesionsMNAT1WI and T2WI appearance unknown, contrast enhancement, extension to the lateral ventricleNA
Gandhi et al, 2003 (present case)14/54/FSeizuresL frontal WM, medial extension to the lateral ventricleSComet-shaped hyperattenuating mass on nonenhanced scans, contrast enhancement, medial extension up to lateral ventricle wallHypointense on T1WI and T2WI, strong contrast enhancement, surrounding edemaNA
  • Note.—L indicates left; M, multiple; NA, not applicable; R, right; S, single; T1WI, T1-weighted image; T2WI, T2-weighted image; and WM, white matter.

  • * Numbers in parentheses are reference numbers.