Patient data and study details

Patient No./Age (y)/SexBite SiteIncubation PeriodSurvival Period (days)Date of MR Study after Clinical OnsetConsciousness LevelMR Studies Performed
Encephalitic rabies
 1/50/ML wrist7 wk7Day 3Fully consciousBrain, spinal cord, nerve roots, and brachial plexus, with contrast material (Figs 1, 3)
Day 7ComatoseBrain and spinal cord, without contrast material (Fig 1)
 2/26/FR leg2 mo15Day 2Fully consciousBrain, with contrast material (Fig 2)
Paralytic rabies
 3/43/FL hand3 mo9Day 4ArousableBrain, with contrast material (no figure)
 4/72/FL leg3 mo13Day 12ComatoseBrain and upper cervical cord, with contrast material (Fig 4)
 5/70/FL face3 wk21Day 20ComatoseBrain, cervical cord, and nerve roots, with contrast material (Fig 5)