Periventricular echogenicity and ventriculomegaly shown on sonograms as predictors of MR imaging-defined white matter abnormalities*

Relative Risk of WMA (95% CI)Sensitivity %Specificity %Positive Predictive Value %Negative Predictive Value %
Minimal to moderate WMA
 Periventricular echogenicity0.944505341
 Grade 2–5 on any sonogram(0.5–1.7)
P value.8
 Periventricular echogenicity2.02210010050
 Grade 3–5 on any sonogram(1.4–2.9)
P value.06
Moderate WMA only
 Periventricular echogenicity.938582374
 Grade 2–5 on any sonogram(0.3–3.0)
P value.8
 Periventricular echogenicity4.238967582
 Grade 3–5 on any sonogram(1.6–11.1)
P value.04
 Definite ventriculomegaly on any sonogram2.12810010052
P valuey.05
  • * Ultrasonography is compared with MR imaging in the absence of an in vivo gold standard of brain injury in the newborn.

  • Note.—WMA indicates white matter abnormality; CI, confidence interval.