Summary of 13 patients with meningioma embolized with hydroxyapatite microparticles

No. PatientAge (yr)/SexLocationFeeders Embolized with HAP (Embolization Grade)
135/FVaultMMA-p (A)
255/MVaultMMA-p (A)
359/FVaultMMA-a (A)
463/MVaultMMA-a (A), MMA-p (A), AMA (A)
564/MVaultMMA-a (A), MMA-p (A)
673/MVaultMMA (A), AMA (A)
741/FSphenoidal ridgeMMA-a (A)
844/FSphenoidal ridgeMMA-a (A), MMA-p (A)
953/FSphenoidal ridgeMMA-a (A), AMA (A)
1065/MParasagittalMMA (A)
1166/MParasagittalMMA-a (A), MMA-p (A)
1266/MParasagittalMMA-p (A)
1353/FFalxMMA-a (A)
  • Note.—HAP indicates hydroxyapatite; F, female; M, male; MMA-p, posterior branch of the middle meningeal artery; MMA-a, anterior branch of the middle meningcal artery; AMA, accessory meningeal artery.