Cross-Sectional Age-Related Differences in Striatal Volumes Measured Five Years Apart

NucleusRaw VolumeRegression of ICV-Adjusted Volume on Ager12
Time 1Time 2Time 1Time 2
Globus Pallidus2.
  • Note.—CV (coefficient of variation) is a ratio of standard deviation (SD) to the mean. The regression slopes are unstandardized regression coefficients measured in cc/year. SE is standard error of slope. All coefficients for the caudate nucleus and putamen are significantly different from zero, whereas those for the globus pallidus are not. The differences in slopes between the neostriatum (caudate and putamen) and paleostriatum are statistically significant (p < .05). Correlations are Pearson product moment coefficients. All correlations r > .23 are significantly different from zero.