Table 2:

Average calcium volume, stenosis degree, correlation for symptomatic and asymptomatic arteries, and the combination of botha

Pearson Correlation (Significance)Average Calcium Volume (mL)Average Degree of Stenosis (%)Group Size
Symptomatic0.04 (0.7)0.11 (± 0.15)61 (± 26)67
Asymptomatic0.29 (0.005)0.09 (± 0.12)37 (± 30)92
All0.20 (0.012)0.10 (± 0.13)47 (± 31)159
  • a The second column displays the Pearson correlation coefficient relating the stenosis degree with the calcium volume. The significance is given in parentheses. The average calcium volume is displayed in the third column with the SD in parentheses. The fourth column shows the average degree of stenosis of the arteries with its SD shown in parentheses.