Table 1:

Patient demographics, presentation, and vessel and lesion characteristics

AngioplastyBalloon-Mounted StentWingspan Stent
Mean age (yr)64.669.166.1
Male/female distribution by 159 lesions26/2931/837/28
    Mean days from first symptom to treatment69.348.561.0
    Mean presenting mRS1.51.41.6
    Mean stenosis before treatment of 159 primary lesions (%)837778
    Transient ischemic attack (n = 61)191923
    Minor stroke (change of 0–1 in mRS, n = 45)20916
    Major stroke (change of ≥2 in mRS, n = 52)151126
Vessel and lesion characteristics for all 159 lesions
    Lesions per device553965
    <70% stenosis247
    ≥70% stenosis533558
    Smooth lesion312741
    Irregular lesion171220
    Concentric lesion201641
    Eccentric lesion282320
Short lesion (<5 mm)191822
    Moderate lesion (5–10 mm)61110
    Long lesion (>10 mm)231029
Vessel and lesion characteristics for all 209 interventions
    Interventions per device894773
    <70% stenosis958
    ≥70% stenosis794365
    Smooth lesion573346
    Irregular lesion201522
    Concentric lesion402146
    Eccentric lesion372722
    Short lesion (<5 mm)262022
    Moderate lesion (5–10 mm)91110
    Long lesion (>10 mm)421736
Activating clotting time at deployment (s)212212217
Duration of procedure (min)163149154