Table 3:

Probability of stroke based on symptom recurrence or repeat intervention at 30 days and 1 year

30 Days1 Year
Significant P Value95% Hazard Ratio CIsSignificant P Value95% Hazard Ratio CIs
Stenting vs angioplasty.0310.010–0.799.0520.041–1.016
Female vs male.0620.940–12.280.1330.776–6.838
Minimal vs maximum no. of days from symptom onset to treatment.0660.399–1.030.2180.527–1.157
Smooth vs irregular lesion.0490.085–0.995.0740.128–1.099
Concentric vs eccentric lesions.1210.121–1.278.2870.200–1.611
Medium/long vs short lesions.1450.709–10.442.1930.680–6.756