Table 1:

Clinical data of patients with scleritis analyzed by CT and/or MR imaging

PtDuration of SymptomsaUS Performed, DiagnosisClinical DiagnosisbImaging ModalitySystemic DiseaseFinal Diagnosis
15 moNoInfectious cellulitisCTDown syndromeIOID with scleritis
12 moNoInfectious cellulitisCTDown syndromeIOID with scleritis
23 moYes, disc edemaOptic neuritisMRINot foundBilateral idiopathic scleritis
32 moNoIntraorbital massCTNot foundIdiopathic scleritis
42 moYes, uveal massChoroidal melanomaCTNot foundNodular idiopathic scleritis
5AcuteNoInfectious cellulitisCT, MRIDRM; Colon carcinomaInfectious orbital disease with panophthalmitis
66 moNoInfectious cellulitisCT, MRIDown syndromeIOID with sclerouveitis
71 moYes, scleritisScleritis or tumorMRIGranulomatosis with polyangiitisAutoimmune orbital inflammation with scleritis
82 moNoUveitisCT, MRIJIAAutoimmune sclerouveitis
93 wkYes, inconclusiveOptic pathway conditionCT, MRINoneIdiopathic scleritis
104 wkNoOptic pathway conditionMRINoneIdiopathic scleritis
  • Note:—DRM indicates dermatomyositis; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; Pt, patient; US, ultrasonography.

  • a Duration of symptoms refers to the time elapsed between onset of symptoms of scleritis (pain, vision disturbances) and the time of imaging.

  • b Diagnosis after ophthalmologic evaluation and ultrasound and before CT and/or MRI.