Table 4:

Venous pressures in 40 patients with IIH with papilledema requiring only 1 stent placement procedure versus 6 (all with papilledema at first stent) requiring a second stent placement procedurea

Superior Sagittal Sinus Pre-stent (mm Hg)Superior Sagittal Sinus Post-stent (mm Hg)Gradient Pre-stent (mm Hg)Gradient Post-stent (mm Hg)
Single stent3117190.4
(n = 40, all with papilledema)(15–94)(11–33)(6–36)(0–5)
(n = 40)(n = 39)(n = 40)(n = 40)
Repeat stents, on 1st stent4318292.8
(n = 6, all with papilledema prior to first stent)(18–56)(11–32)(15–41)(0–14)
(n = 6)(n = 5)(n = 6)(n = 6)
  • a Ranges indicated in parentheses.