Table 2:

Mean effective doses (millisievert) for 3 age groups when scanned with local low- and high-dose protocols in comparison with literature-derived calculated effective doses and literature-derived effective doses

AgeLow-Dose ProtocolHigh-Dose ProtocolSwartz et al 20098aThomas et al 20089bLutz et al 20075b
1 year old8.8400.3632851.8341201500.9–11202002.6
5 year old10.8490.25632881.4451202000.97–1.11202001.7
  • a Indicates literature derived calculated effective doses.

  • b – indicates literature-derived effective doses.

  • When available, CTDI (milligray), DLP (milligray × centimeter), and kilovolt/milliampere-second are shown also for literature-derived protocols.