Table 1:

Synopsis of the 23 anatomic structures reviewed and the respective primary criteria for image quality assessment

Structure/ConditionReview Criteria
CochleaNormal contour, 2.5 turns
Cochlear patencyAbility to discern intracochlear ossifications
Spiral osseous laminaPresence, integrity
ModiolusPresence, integrity
LabyrinthContour, density
Vestibular aqueductContour, density
Cochlear aqueductContour, density
Cochlear nerve canalPresence
Bony lamella at auditory canal fundusPresence, integrity of bony lamella separating the internal auditory canal from the cochlea
Internal auditory canalContour
Facial nerve canal, cochlear segmentContour, course
Facial nerve canal, tympanic segmentContour, course
Facial nerve canal, mastoid segmentContour, course
Middle ear cavityAeration
MalleusPresence of all parts
IncusPresence of all parts
StapesPresence of all parts
Round windowPresence, aperture
Round window nicheBorders, aeration
Oval windowPresence, borders, footplate position
Internal carotid artery canalBorders, osseous wall dehiscence
Jugular foramenBorders, osseous wall dehiscence
MastoidBony borders, aeration