Orbital measurements in patients with LS compared with healthy controls

Orbital ParametersaLS (n = 9)Controls (n = 20)
Globe diameter (cm) (F)2.22––
Interzygomatic distance (cm) (A)7.78.2––
Angle of orbit (degrees) (D)5550–603.54233–514.5.001
Anterior diameter of orbit (cm) (G)32.8––3.60.3NS
Length of lateral wall (cm) (E)3.64.2––
Medial interorbital distance (cm) (H)2.21.8––
Anterior globe to interzygomatic distance (cm) (B)1.91.1––
Posterior globe to interzygomatic distance (cm) (C)0.5−0.4–2.40.810.5–
Thickness of fat in superior orbit (cm)0.80.4––
Anterior diameter of orbit/globe diameter1.371.2––
Length of lateral wall/globe diameter1.611.2––1.50.19NS
  • a The upper case letters in parentheses refer to the lines in Figs 1 and 2.