Table 3:

Changes in angiographic outcomes in the stent- and nonstent-assisted coil embolization groups at 2 years postcoil embolization

Stent-Assisted (%)Nonstent-Assisted (%)P Value
Total (n = 126)Stable16/40 (40.0)34/86 (39.5).895a
Improved17/40 (42.5)34/86 (39.5)
Recanalized7/40 (17.5)18/86 (21.0)
Sidewall (n = 82)Improved16/29 (55.2)30/53 (55.6)1.000b
Recanalized3/29 (10.3)5/53 (9.4)1.000b
Bifurcation (n = 44)Improved1/11 (9.1)4/33 (12.1)1.000b
Recanalized4/11 (36.4)13/33 (39.4)1.000b
  • Note:—Stable = no change in coil configuration, obliteration grade, or contrast filling; improved = progressive occlusion or involution in the neck remnant or contrast filling in aneurysm; recanalized = aneurysm recurrence evident by neck growth, coil compaction, coil degradation, or new sac formation.

  • a χ2 test.

  • b Fisher exact test.