Table 1:

Categorization of discrepant trainee interpretation

TypeNumber of Discrepant Trainee Reports (Rate)a
1: Major, life-threatening6 (0.17%)
    1A: Finding not originally identified5
    1B: Finding identified, incorrectly characterized1
2: Minor, related to clinical presentation75 (2.1%)
    2A: Finding not originally identified56
    2B: Finding identified, incorrectly characterized19
3: Minor, unrelated to clinical presentation8 (0.23%)
    3A: Finding not originally identified8
    3B: Finding identified, incorrectly characterized0
4: Possible abnormality17 (0.49%)
    4A: Confirmed on follow-up imaging2
    4B: Not confirmed on follow-up imaging8
    4C: No follow-up imaging performed7
5: Abnormality called when none present (overcall)37 (1.1%)
    5A: Resulting in inappropriate therapy2
    5B: Not resulting in inappropriate therapy35
  • a % of total exams interpreted (N = 3496).