Table 1:

Results of CT studies of CHa

Hearing CategoryNo. of EarsMin.Max.MeanSDPValue
SNHL (all)1622.
CHL (all)1014.26.15.320.37.09
Mixed HL (all)<.00001b
Normal (all)744.56.35.420.381
Unknown (all)604.
Total (all)4222.
  • Note:—Min. indicates minimum; Max, maximum.

  • a Two-sample t test P values are for comparisons among SNHL, CHL, mixed HL, or unknown-hearing ears and normal-hearing ears divided by all, male, or female.

  • b Statistically significant differences (P < .01).

  • c For the comparison of male and female CHs, multivariate linear regression controlling for age and ICW was used.