Table 2:

Follow-up interval period, number of feeders, and number of pedicles treated

Patient No.No. of FeedersNo. of Pedicles TreatedTime of Follow-Up after Treatment
171MRI/A, 12 mo
2102Angio, 16 mo
361MRI/A, 12 mo
491MRI/A, 11 mo
5121MRI/A, 6 mo
692Angio, 3 mo
771Angio, 6 mo
882Angio, 12 mo
9102Angio, 4 mo
1031MRI/A, 10 mo
1181Angio, 5 mo
1293Not done yet
1361MRI/A, 8 mo
1431Angio, 4 mo
1521Angio, 4 mo
1672Not done yet
1741Not done yet
  • Note:—MRI/A indicates MR imaging/MR angiography; Angio, angiography.