Table 3:

Treatment devices and occlusion rates

No Previous Aneurysm TreatmentPrevious Treatment (Devices Inserted) Prior to PED
Treatment PED Only or PED + CoilsCoils or ClipStenta or Stent/Coilsb
Occluded at 1 month (n/z)19/316/71/4
Occluded at 6 months (n/z)37/408/103/6
% Occlusion at 6 months92.5%80%50.0%
No. not occluded at 6 months423
No. subsequently occluded by 14 months3
  • Note:—n indicates number of cases; z, number of cases imaged.

  • a Enterprise.

  • b Three Enterprise, 1 coronary, and 1 Neuroform (Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts).