Summary of clinical features and lesion distributions on DWI in patients with hypoglycemic encephalopathy

No.Age (yr)SexSBP (mm Hg)Body Temp (°C)GCSGlucose (mg/dL)Ca (mg/dL)Na (mg/dL)Cr (mg/dL)EEGHypoglycemia-DWI Interval (hr)DWI LesionsOutcome
176F15539.4536101370.7Diffuse slow waves, 2–7 Hz48Bilateral internal capsules, centrum semiovale, precentral gyrus, and temporo-parieto-occipital regionsComa
273F14137.59249.61341.28Diffuse slow waves, 2–5 Hz36Bilateral precentral gyrusRecovered
376M11636.25378.71350.93ND6Bilateral internal capsules, precentral gyrusRecovered
583M18637.084961410.99Diffuse slow waves, 3–6 Hz55Recovered
764F16134.36377.81382.22Diffuse slow waves, 2–5 Hz8Recovered
857M8136.29395.21423.59Diffuse slow waves, 3–4 Hz120Recovered
978M12736.910358.61370.65Diffuse slow waves, 4–7 Hz9Recovered
  • Note:—Ca indicates calcium; Cr, creatinine; Na, sodium; ND, not performed; Temp, temperature; SBP, systolic blood pressure; –, no DWI lesion.