Table 5:

Patients with major complications and unresolved neurologic deficits

SexAge of Patient (yr)Location of Ischemic EventClinical FindingsmRS Score
Female74Right posterior occipital infarct, bilateral thalamic infarcts, and right medial temporal infarctVision loss, gait imbalance, lower extremity weakness5
Female65Left middle cerebral infarctNausea, vomiting, headache, right hand tingling, and dysmetria3
Female80Right posterior cerebral infarctUrinary retention, left-sided weakness3
Female50Posterior inferior cerebellar infarctGait imbalance and lower limb weakness3
Female51Anterior cerebral infarctRight-sided weakness3
Female74Pontine and left midbrain infarctRight-sided hemiparesis, dysarthria, ataxia4
Female76Bilateral cerebellar, right pons, and cerebral peduncle infarctsLeft lower extremity weakness and dysarthria5
Female65Right cerebellar and paramedian left cerebellar infarctsFacial weakness and right hemi-ataxia, right 6th and 7th cranial nerve palsies4
Male37Subarachnoid hemorrhage, multiple infarctsSevere anoxic brain injury resulting in death6
Female43Ophthalmic artery occlusionsDecreased left eye visual acuity3
Female73Multiple infarctsDeath6
Male66Watershed left frontal and parietal lobe infarctsRight lower extremity weakness, blurry vision, right homonymous hemianopsia4
Male66Left paracentral lobule infarctGeneralized right-sided lower extremity weakness3
Female73Anterior cerebral occlusion by coilLeft lower extremity weakness3
Female47Middle cerebral embolization by coilRight upper extremity weakness3