Table 3:

Performance of 17 multivariate prediction rulesa

Predict Grade III If and Only IfSpecificitySensitivityNegative Predictive ValuePositive Predictive ValueAccuracySpecificity + Sensitivity
A + E95.7%41.4%72.1%85.7%74.7%137.0%
A + C91.7%38.1%62.9%80.0%66.7%129.8%
E + C87.5%52.4%67.7%78.6%71.1%139.9%
A or E73.9%93.1%94.4%69.2%81.3%167.0%
A or C75.0%81.0%81.8%73.9%77.8%156.0%
E or C66.7%76.2%76.2%66.7%71.1%142.9%
A + E + C95.8%38.1%63.9%88.9%68.9%133.9%
A or E or C66.7%95.2%94.1%71.4%80.0%161.9%
A or (E + C)83.3%81.0%83.3%81.0%82.2%164.3%
E or (A + C)75.0%76.2%78.3%72.7%75.6%151.2%
C or (A + E)75.0%61.9%69.2%68.4%68.9%136.9%
A + (E or C)91.7%47.6%66.7%83.3%71.1%139.3%
E + (A or C)87.5%61.9%72.4%81.3%75.6%149.4%
C + (A or E)83.3%52.4%66.7%73.3%68.9%135.7%
  • a Based on the dichotomizations of ADC (A), enhancement (E), and calcification (C).