Table 2:

Mean attenuation values and relative attenuation washout percentages for the 5 PTH-secreting lesions

TissuePTH-Secreting LesionThyroidLymph NodeSubmandibular Gland
Mean HU attenuation in arterial phase179.2141.258.968.5
    P value*0.270.0030.005
Mean HU attenuation in venous phase118.6154.5101.0118.0
    P value*0.0180.2110.964
Mean HU attenuation difference between arterial and venous phase60.6−13.3−42.1−49.5
    P value*0.0490.0090.006
Relative enhancement washout percentage30.5−65.0−74.0−80.4
    P value*0.0060.0030.002
  • * P value compared with PTH-secreting lesion.