Table 3:

Network of proteins up-regulated in the dome of densely packed aneurysms compared with loosely packed aneurysms at 2 weeks following coil embolization

Biologic ProcessNumber of Proteins Up-RegulatedProtein Symbol
Genetic disorder, metabolic disease, posttranslational modification25ACAA1, ACADL, ACADM, ACAT1, ACTG1, AEBP1, ALDOA, ALDOC, CAPZA2, CLEC11A, CORO1A, CTSD, ECM2, EMD, ETFA, GNA13, GNAS, GOT2, IVD, MYO1C, PPP1CA, RPSA, TMOD3, TPM2, TWF2
Cell morphology, cellular development, visual system development and function21CD63, CRP, CTSK, ELAVL1, F13A1, FN1, GNAI1, GNAI2, GNAI3, HNRNPA1, HNRNPA2B1, HNRNPUL2, HSPG2, HTRA1, PCBP1, PCOLCE, SLC3A2, TAGLN, TGFBI, TGM2, THBS1
Carbohydrate metabolism, cell cycle, cellular growth and proliferation16ACAA2, ACY1, BUB3, CAB39, EHD3, PPT1, PYGL, RBM4, SNX5, STOML2, SUCLG1, SUCLG2, SULT1A1, TTC35, TUFM, VPS26A
Energy production, small molecule biochemistry, cell morphology14ALDOA, ATP5A1, DNAJB11, EIF3H, FMNL1, MDH2, OGN, PRKCDBP, SCAMP2, SELENBP1, SFXN3, SLC3A2, TCEA1, TGFBI
Carbohydrate metabolism, small molecule biochemistry, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction14AEBP1, AKR1B10, CKM, CLEC3B, ERLIN2, HLA-A, IDH1, IDH3B, KCNAB2, LMAN2, MGLL, MOBKL1A, PLD3, SERPINB1