Distance between the anterior boundary of Meyer loop and the temporal pole tip as reported using differing techniques, 1954–2010

Author/YearDistance from Anterior Edge of the Meyer Loop to Temporal Pole Tip (mm)Measurement Technique
Penfield 19541060Surgical resection, VFD
Bjork and Kugelberg 1957730Surgical resection, VFD, 96% partial Goldmann perimetry
Falconer and Wilson 1958845Surgical resection, VFD, 64% complete and 36% incomplete Bjerrum
Marino and Rasmussen 1968945Surgical resection, VFD, 14% complete and 52% incomplete Aimark and Tangent
Ebeling and Reulen 198811*27 (22–37)Cadaver dissection (Klingler technique), 50 hemispheres
Krolak-Salmon et al 20002120–31.3MR imaging and automated static perimetry, 28% mild 28% moderate
Kier et al 200412Anterior fibers do not reach temporal horn tip“Anatomic dissection tractography”
Rubino et al 2005625 (22–30)Cadaver dissection (Klingler technique), 40 hemispheres
Barton et al 20052524 (18–36)MR imaging and automated Goldmann perimetry, 100% had VFD
Yamamoto et al 20051837.3 ± 2.5DT-FT
Choi et al 2006531.4 (28–34)Cadaver dissection (Klingler technique), 10 hemispheres
Nilsson et al 20071444 (34–51)DT-FT
Taoka et al 20082636.6 (30–43.2)DT-FT
Chen et al 20092732.1 (20.9–51.5)DT-FT
Yogarajah et al 200932Patients 24–43, controls 24–47DT-FT
Wang et al 20102836 (mean)DT-FT
  • * Criterion standard study.