Table 3:

Strategic approach to assist with preparation for the impact of quality measures in health care reimbursement

What Should I Do?Where Should I Find It?
Learn about quality measures and the impact on your practice, including effort made by the practice to dateRead articles and Web sites (including material referenced in this article), engage practice administration, share insights with other providers
Select measures for which to be accountable (PQRS and QCDR),
Ensure method presently exists to record the metrics required for the selected measures and if not then establish oneDiscuss with practice administration
Assess whether current EHR meets criteria for a CEHRT; if so, configure to enable direct database reporting to vendor, hospital, or practice information technology service
Access QRUR to evaluate performance compared with other groups, including public reporting from CMS
Adjust accordingly (either data collection or metric chosen)Practice administration
Adjust budgeting on the basis of impact quality performance will have on practice financesPractice administration
  • Note:—PQRS indicates Physician Quality Reporting System; QCDR, Qualified Clinical Data Registry; EHR, Electronic Health Record; CEHRT, Certified EHR Technology; QRUR, Quality and Resource Use Reports.