Table 3:

Comparison of the currently reported techniques with 4D-CTA techniques (excluding combined 4D-CTA/CTP techniques) reported by other groups

ReportExposure Duration (sec)Rotation Time (ms)Exposure ParametersEffective Dose (mSv)
Brouwer et al (2010)222NS80 kV, 120 mA5.1
Hoogenboom et al (2012)111550080 kV, 240 mANS
Fujiwara et al (2013)312a50080 kV, 200 mA5.2
Willems et al (2011)1 and (2012)522100080 kV, 100 mA5.2
D'Orazio et al (2014)101535080 kV, 120 mA5.62
This study
    Estimated duration15.6 (16 with option to adjust)75080 kV, 150 mA6.9
    Measured exposure10.1 (mean)100080 kV, 100 mA3.4
  • Note:—NS indicates not stated.

  • a Ten-second continuous exposure followed by 4 intermittent exposures.